Saturday, July 17, 2010

Take the Money and Run

Two things...I'm testing Word 2007's Blog Post Editor, in hopes that this will relieve my frustration with fricking Blogger. (It didn't...picture uploading sucks beyond belief still.) Second....WE RAISED A HOLY TON OF MONEY FOR LORA!!! WOOOOO HOOOO!! The totals came in at $1,917 and we have a pledge for another $100 to bring us over $2,000. Thanks to Alison for being the best auctioneer ever! Also thanks to those of you who attended, donated yarn, donated money, and brought boatloads of yarn to sell. I can't tell you how much I appreciated this, and Lora really was moved to tears at what we were able to do.
I'm going to try to list everyone off personally, but if I've forgotten someone please don't kill me.  Alison M, Paula M, Patty in Maine, Hilary, Marion C, Caroline C, Sally H-D, Mary Kate R, Sarah A, Linda D, Tracy B, Amy, Brittni H, Laurin, Donna H, Jackie W, Gina H, Lora K, Heather S, Ericka H, Chris H, Mary S, and Mary T.

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