Saturday, July 10, 2010

Picnic in the Summertime (Part 1, the LaRoche variation)

On the Fourth of July, Shawn and I got up pretty early (well , early for Shawn) to get the materials for a big salad and some other times to bring to his parents' cookout. I had planned to go to Concord Knitting Guild for a bit, but the weather was just so hot even with both ac units cranked that by the time I finished the salad, I was not in the mood to hit both places.

Shawn's Uncle Scott and Aunt Anita and their two kiddos, Erin and Tyler, were up from Pennsylvania to visit, and Shawn's Aunt Debbie and her husband Jay were there. I did some knitting there, but very little as it was so hot. Have I mentioned that I really despise hot weather? That anything humid makes me more grouchy and ill tempered than I already am? If there were a place on the planet that was 70 degrees year round with no humidity, I would move there tomorrow. If you know of a place like that, please let me know. This is really interfering with my reality.
The best part about the whole afternoon was that Erin and Tyler had brought a bunch of games with them to play on the Wii, which included Rockband and Beatles Rockband. I managed to get Shawn to sing one song with me, which he says is the only song he will ever sing on this period. Of course, I have been threatening to get the game since, because I think it's funny. And it is hilarious. I think the only ones of the group that I didn't see sing during the afternoon was Jay and Brian, Shawn's dad.

We stayed until about 7:30 or so, and by the time we got home, and I packed up the car to go to Maine, and we showered to get rid of all the dog allergen, that was pretty much it for the night. I don't think I did any knitting that night either. Which is SO not a good trend, given the deadlines in place for the current baby invasion.

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