Saturday, July 10, 2010

Purple Haze (or yarn rather)

It's been a weird day today. I fell asleep really early last night, so of course I woke up at 3:30 am. So I used the time to go through the fiber stash for the auction next weekend. I managed to cull out about a garbage bag worth of stuff. Shawn got up about 5:30 or so to leave for Martha's Vinyard. His parents are vacationing there for a couple of days. I couldn't get Monday off, and it was the TKGA show this weekend, so I stayed behind. Which kind of sucks really, because we only get 2 full days and one evening a week together as it is.
The show was low key. I bought very little, which was good. The things I bought with the exception of the Noro (40% off) were somewhat expensive, which was bad. I thought the market wasn't that populated this year. I did it in about two hours. In the crochet part of the show they had this really neat bag made out of soda pull tabs and bottle caps. I had to take a picture because it was just wild.

I bought a necklace with abalone shell and a sterling silver dragon.  I'm not sure what the jewelry booth had to do with knitting, apparently it was just there to make me spend more money.

The skeins of Noro were Silk Garden Lite, which I'm told has been discontinued, which is why they were 40% off, and which really aggravated the crap out of me.  It's a good yarn.  Leave it alone. Stop discontinuing stuff.

I like some of the Yarn Place yarns for lace, and I've picked some up in the past.  Well apparently, I can't pay attention even though I had just gone through the stash for Lora's auction because I bought the exact same color of Graceful that I did two years ago the last time the show was here.  Sigh.  I'm still keeping it though.  Hey, that's my color.

I also bought a lace weight from Miss Babs.  Love her colorways.  I could have easily spent three times what I did just in her booth.  But seriously I was restrained for me.

Then I headed to BJ's to pick a few things up, dropped by Lora's to pick up a Secret Project component, and then came back and have been working steadily on the novel and the blog since. Still hoping to knit some tonight since I don't have to get up so early.

That's finally all the news that's fit to print.

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