Monday, January 25, 2010

Stormy Weather

I haven't blogged in a while. That's because we had a little technology meltdown. On Friday the 8th, being the good wife that I am, I thought, "gee, I really have to resolve that Vista SP2 failure to install, so that we can get wireless so Shawn can download some games on the Wii." Not a smart idea, apparently. I did all troubleshooting I was told to do, installed it, and since it was taking so long, went to bed. By morning the computer was a dead rock. After two hours of tech support with Microsoft and HP, it would not turn on, no matter now many times I plugged and unplugged it. After discussions with technology minded people, factoring in that the damn thing was past the protection plan, it had Vista on it, that I had already had a couple of other major repairs on it and that I had an external hard drive backing up everything daily, I called it quits. So Shawn and I headed to Best Buy, took advantage of a sale and got two laptops, a wireless printer, another external hard drive, a optical mouse, a wireless router, and a laptop case for about what I paid for the desk top about two and half years ago. Good, so we thought.

On Sunday the 9th, I plugged in my external drive. Files were there. Then, instead of copying them to my new laptop, I installed the file management program. Files were wiped. I almost had a stroke. I was nearly hysterical. I'm talking every photo I had taken since April, the files of my knitting patterns, MY NOVEL (although part of it was uploaded on my writing group website so I would have only lost recent revisions and about 10 pages of new material - it was still nausea-inducing). Since Shawn was not home (probably luckily for him), my poor mother caught the brunt of the panic attack. I called my brother-in-law who is a GOD. He told me to get him both the external drive and the dead rock and he could probably save the files. My mother volunteered to drive 3 hours down to pick them up from Shawn on Monday the 10th and she drove back immediately. Mike was able to get the files off the dead rock and put them back on the external drive. Mom ended up bringing the files back to me that following Saturday the 16th.

Honestly, for that week I felt like I was in limbo. It's amazing how much of my reality is computer oriented. And I couldn't face the possibility of "what if the files really weren't there", so the only thing I did that week was play with the Wii and Facebook. No real work occurred because I couldn't set up the computer because it would be easier once I got my files. I did however, write a bit in the notebook in my purse, which I've now had a chance to get into the system for a count of 22,939 words out of my goal of approximately 100,000.

The weekend that my mother was here, we worked on making sure the files were transferred back onto the laptop, but I didn't really work on getting the computer set up the way I wanted either because Mom was here, and I don't see her that much. Then we decided to go get lunch at Taipei Tokyo, which I quite like considering it's in Bedford. I'm not saying it's Boston Chinatown quality, but it's still very good. There was an EB next door, so we ended up getting a couple of things for the Wii. I got Resort Sports, which I liked. I like the sword fighting. Mom on the Wii is quite hysterical.

Because Mom had been a saint about volunteering to do the transport back and forth to Maine (I know she's bored, but geeeeezzz), I was going to take her for a nice dinner at a place of her choice. She decided she'd rather go to Five Guys and Fries, which is new to the area (now in Nashua but supposedly one is coming to South Willow in Manchester), but is a place I had tried in Salt Lake. I mean, it's burgers, hot dogs and fries, and free peanuts and that's it. We're talking fast food ambiance, but great, great burgers and fries. It's going to be bad when it's in Manchester and does not require as much effort.

On Sunday Mom and I ended up going to Best Buy where she decided to acquire a new laptop. What you can get for the prices now is just crazy. Then we went to Taipei Tokyo for lunch again because Mom loves Chinese food and it can be tough to get good Chinese food in Maine while the Best Buy people were optimizing the laptop. I was also able to stop in at Hannaford to a cake for Donna D's going away party. Mom headed out and I headed to Lora's for Donna D's going away party.

I've spent a lot of time since transferring files and installing programs. I love Windows 7 compared to Vista. However, I'm pretty sure that I would love horse manure compared to Vista. I mostly have myself back together, but I'm still working on whether I want to pay for an online backup service. I've lost several hard drives over the years and I just can't cope with the possibility of it anymore. I've been uploading files to Skydrive, which is a free service through Windows Live (if you have windows messenger or a hotmail account you can use it). There's 25 gig of storage, but it's taking me forever to get files up there. I'm thinking I'm going to have to suck it up and pay. The most promising possibility is SugarSync. If anyone has any insight online storage, I'd appreciate it.

This weekend was all about cleaning. I hate cleaning. Enough said. On Sunday we went to breakfast at Belmont Hall in Manchester. There are very few breakfast places in New Hampshire. This drives me insane. I don't know why that's the case, but it's true. I don't think people in New Hampshire properly appreciate a diner breakfast. It's very strange. But anyway this is a pretty good place to go.

Shawn is headed out for business in the morning. He'll be gone until Friday, which will be almost sort of the same because we don't really see each other during the week anyway.

In fiber news, not much is happening. I've been a slug. I have half of the thistle hat done. I'm going to have to get it in gear as several of my friends are in the process of procreating again, and there is a lot of baby knitting in my future.

In health news, I have been using the Wii fit. My Wii fit age has ranged from 28 (woo hoo!) to 61 (boo hiss). I also want to punch the woman instructor when I do yoga. "I noticed you took a break there, etc." But I've been managing to do it several days a week, and sadly, I work up a sweat doing it.

That pretty much brings us up to date. Next time pictures I promise. The new computer has a webcam which allows you do add batman-esque effects to video. For such silliness as pretending to punch yourself in the face and add the pow comic book thing in the video. I'm not posting that though.

Stay tuned for further updates as they happen.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ain't Wastin' Time No More

Well, of course I am really, because I'm writing the blog. But there's lot to report.

First, we had writing group hosted by Linda this week. We all reported a serious lack of motivation. I've been making excuses for the last month an a half. Oh, I don't have time, I'm finishing a job and I have to shop for clothes for the new one, and then it was, I'm adjusting to the new job, and it's the holidays. Well, as the Allman Brothers put it, I ain't wastin' time no more. After Saturday's meeting I started working on the novel Sunday before guild. I didn't get that far, but it's start, and every bit is a bit more. And since I can't break my husband of watching wrestling (rolls eyes and sighs) I'll be working on it tonight after the blog. I've set up a schedule again and it's time to get back to work.

In a similar vein, since it's cold, and we can't ride the bikes, we bought Wii Fit Plus to help us do more exercise during the winter. Again every little bit helps. Although I'm ready to punch the little kid voice that keeps telling me I'm obese, and that keeps calculating my Wii Fit age at something intended to make me have a stroke. (I'm not sure how that's supposed to be healthier, I mean 61?) And when you set the thing up, and you enter your height and it weighs you, it makes your little Mii fatter and shorter. Great. Here's Shawn and I, in Wii Fit. Hilarious. On a positive note, some of the activities are fun and silly, so keep my interest. Because you know what, all that bs about endorphins and how much better exercise is supposed to make you feel is a load a crap. At least for me. I freaking hate to sweat, and I'm always annoyed after exercising because I'm all hot and sweaty and gross. So unless it's fun while I'm doing it enough to forget about the sweating part until it's over, forget it, I'm not doing it. Yes, I know that's childish and stupid, but that's how it is. So we'll see how this goes. So far it's silly and fun, and I like the feedback it gives you during the yoga and strength training. And I'm working on the balance games so maybe I won't be so old in my Wii age.

Here's a picture of Kiwi having just taken a bath because she's just so damn cute. Even if she is evil. Which I've been telling Shawn is his fault because he's poisoned her mind with the wrestling and it's a bad influence so he should stop watching it. It has not worked to date.

In fiber news this week, I finished the cowl I designed last week with the homespun I knit a couple of weeks ago. I had Mary S. model it at knitting guild yesterday. I've written up the pattern and I'm going to get it posted to Ravelry. In other fiber news, the thistle mitten and hat set that I designed in 1998, I'm finally got around to writing up the pattern. Yes, you have that correct, it only took me 12, count them 12, freaking years. So now, because I've worn the hat and the mittens to death, they really aren't appropriate for photography and I am now reknitting them. Sigh.

Alison finished her sweater that has been done except weaving in the ends and grafting the underarms for about six months. Yay Alison!!

In work news, I moved into my permanent office today. I'm glad to finally be able to get settled in, and start to figure out the best way to manage everything.

That's all, for now, as that's all the time I had scheduled to write the blog. Stay tuned for further updates.