Saturday, April 25, 2009

Since the last episode...

Remember how it was supposed to be calmer and I was going to get all this work done? Not so much. I haven't knit a thing since last Sunday, although we've had minor progress on cleaning the office. But to catch you all up to date:

Monday I was able to ride my new bike for the first time. I just rode a loop continuously around the complex, for 1.4 miles trying to get my bike skills back as it were. What I find funny is that I have one leg that tires out more quickly than the other, since my sciatica and my bad ankle (multiple dislocations until I had to have surgery because the ligaments were no longer holding the bones together) are both in my right leg. It just feels odd to have one leg that's tired and one that isn't. I wobbled quite a bit, and felt like I was six again, but I didn't fall down once...although I did have trouble remembering to use the brakes. The bike is really comfortable though. Shawn now has Monday nights off, so we went to dinner, which was counter productive to the whole bike thing, but oh well. I was craving a good steak so we went to the Longhorn. I like their steaks and their drinks, but everything else there is so-so and too expensive, so I really need to be craving red meat to go there.

Tuesday night I had been invited to an event at Grappone Hyundai, where I bought my Sante Fe, for new owners to get acquainted with the dealership. I thought it would be lame, but it you went you got a free oil change, so I went. I won a $20 gift certificate as a door prize as well. So now I'm considering getting a trailer hitch for the car, so that I can put a bike rack on the back. I don't mind putting the bike in the back, but that won't work as well if we decide to take the bikes camping.

Wednesday I balanced the checkbook, which I had not done in two weeks, so it took forever. After that I started cleaning the office. It's amazing the crap that I keep sometimes. I'm not usually a pack rat unless it's fiber related, as I am trying not to be my grandmother. But I found 3.5 disks I had since 1990, and turbo tax installation disks back to 2003, as well as several power cords for Palm Pilots that two to three Palm Pilots ago (I tend to kill one every two to three years--it dies, I drop it down the stairs, step on my purse and crunch the screen, you know, the usual dumb things I would do...).

Tuesday and Wednesay it rained, so I was unable to ride the bike at all. Thursday, it was just so cold and windy, I decided to clean both aquariums, and continue working on the office. However, in re-arranging my desk and computer, and all the crap plugged into the computer, my internet connection flamed out, and I had to spend a hour and half fixing it, and having tech support tell me it's not Comcast, it's Microsoft's fault. Also, for some reason Vista is no longer recognizing my external hard drive...sigh...

Friday is one of Shawn's off days. Normally we don't see each other from Monday to Thursday because of the way his schedule works. So we had decided we would use our new tennis rackets to play that night, since the weather was supposed to be gorgeous. Unfortunately, others in our complex came to that same conclusion. So Shawn when to KC's Rib Shack to get us dinner, and we rearranged the livingroom for the bikes, and I worked on the office still. Someday it will be clean and rearranged!

Today, we went over to help Shawn's grandparents move in the morning. We stayed for about two hours, but there were so many people there, most of it was moved very quickly. After we left, we finally played very bad tennis at the complex, and then went to get a salad for me and a burger for Shawn at Giovanni's in Hooksett on our way to check out Lake Massabesic, to see what they had for trails to ride on. I was going to bring the bike, but it didn't seem fair to do tha with Shawn with me, since his bike is still getting at tune up at Goodale's. We walked probably about a mile and checked out the lake. The only bummer is that there's no swimming there, as it is Manchester's water supply. It's beautiful though. When we got back I worked on the office for a bit, and then took a ride on the bike around the complex. I did 1.8 miles, and the body is really starting to remember how to ride. I was able to weave a bit, and I didn't feel like I was going to fall even once, and my feet didn't spin off the pedals once.

I'm thinking the plan for tomorrow is that I'll go out and ride over at Lake Massabesic early, come back, work on a project for my old office for a bit, and then head to guild. I need to actually set up a schedule so that I can work the things I need to get to. This is also on the list for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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  1. Maybe you better buy a lottery ticket for tonights big jackpot considering your luck at Grappone Hyundai!