Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finished Dyeing

Claire and I drove up to Concord together and met Mary and her sister Margaret at the Elegant Ewe. We got some more dye and headed back to my apartment. This is Mary buying her dye from Amy.

We set up in my kitchen, with drop cloths and tarps and newspapers everywhere.

Mary did graduating intensities of the same color yarn as she's thinking about doing some socks from Cookie A's new book. She did both blue and green.

Claire I were a little bit more lax and just sort of wung it. (I don't think I've ever written down "wung", I usually only say it.) But that is in fact what we did...proper English or not.

Claire did a nice purple multi-skein and a kettle dyed green. Mary did a varying intensity blue and dark green. I did a multiple purple skein and a varying intensity skein while they were here. After they left, since everything was set up, I experimented a bit more.

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