Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Latest Status Report

I haven't posted since Saturday night. Sunday was productive. I was able to work on the pattern for Mya's Jacket (working title, hoping to come up with something better later), for about 3 hours and had a passable draft, before I went to guild. For the the non-knitter readers among you, I organize the Concord Knitting Meetup group, and a fairly regular core group of us meet at Borders in Concord every Sunday. I was at least able to cast on and do a couple rows. Further progress just didn't happen though. I ended up entwined in the dishes and other things, like paying the bills. Then I couldn't sleep, so I read two novels instead of actually doing anything productive. (I am a crazy speed reader, through no real merit of my own...it's genetic...). Shawn's new work schedule is kind of throwing my sleep schedule off a bit. I'm not used to him going to bed before I do.

Monday not much happened, at least for the purposes of this blog. Shawn and I got our estate planning executed finally, and I ended up falling asleep ridiculously early, for me at least. All I accomplished was to clean out the baby angelfish tank. (This has to be done every day...sigh...why did I think trying to raise some would be interesting again??)

Today has not been much better. I managed to clean the baby angelfish tank. We're down to about 7 left from the original 100 or so. However, the parents spawned again, so there's now two hundred eggs in the community tank. I did the laundry, did some minor housekeeping work for my old office, and then I went through the Penzey's catalog because a friend is putting an order in. Then I did manage to knit for an hour on Mya's Jacket. I've already discovered a discrepancy (not an error per se, but a vague description in the pattern draft).

I've not yet managed to write at all. But honestly, my computer desk needs some serious help. I've not room to write. There's so much crap on the desk, that I don't feel like I have room for my notes and papers. I feel claustrophobic even just trying to type up knitting patterns from my notes, let alone try to write fiction. I think there's a room reorganization in our office's future, which will send Kiwi over the deep end. Her cage is in the office and she doesn't handle change gracefully. I am trying to decide if the reorg will be productive, or is a procrastination technique...feel free to comment.

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  1. Your friend who is making a Penzey's order better get her act together!