Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just a quick blurb...

Sunday morning I spent looking at office furniture. Instead I persuaded Shawn that we needed to reorganize the office. So we working on that Sunday afternoon after I got back from guild and he got back from work. It's not done, but it's mostly there in essense (the furniture's moved, but all the stuff has to be picked up and thrown away or put away.

Monday, I had the bright idea to buy a turkey baster and use that to clean the baby tank, since there are now 5 bigger babies and 150 littler babies in the tank. Using a net to pick up the debris, wasn't really going to happen. The rest of the night I spent working on something for Bianco, as well as tonight. So, no progress anywhere else...I'm going to get there though...but possibly not until after Sunday....

Stay tuned and cross your fingers for me.

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