Monday, May 23, 2011

Some Other Spring

Prepare for an onslaught.  I haven't blogged in just about over a month, and a lot has been going on. 

 In my last blog post, I wasn't sure if I was going to make my writing goal for April. I did, and now have 89,723 words. However, I haven't written a word for May, as of this morning. This may change as I have today off, but we'll see. I also have had a lot of social and fiber events going on, and I have been infected by spring. So I put a garden on the balcony. 

There is a cherry tomato plant in the topsy turvey for tomatoes, and jalapenos, serranos,  and some other pepper I can't remember in the topsy turvey for peppers.  I have a regular tomato plant, zucchini, and cucumbers in the big pots. 

In the window boxes, I have cilantro, sage, dill, scotch bonnet peppers, some other pepper I can't remember, spearmint for mojitos, rosemary, greek oregano, and basil.  So since the day I finished hauling all the soil and the plants up the stairs, and almost killed myself trying to get the tomato topsy turvey installed, it has rained every day.  Hilarious.

I also finally managed to decorate my office and get my diplomas and crap up on the walls after nearly a year and a half of being at my job. 

You might note that I very much enjoy Van Gogh.  I would have liked to get a Georgia O'Keefe (who is another of my favorites) but the selection was limited on my budget shopping in the poster department of Michael's and AC Moore.  The lighting made it pretty impossible to get decent pictures with the glare from the poster frames, so if you can't tell its the Irises, in the picture on the left.

I also decorated the hallway a bit. (If you click the pictures, they'll get bigger, but I got a poster of sea shells and got some matching seashells and put them in a square glass vase. 

Also for the knitterly among you, who weren't around for the wedding knitting madness, the wreath in the picture with my wedding photos is the wreath I knit for the gazebo that we got married in front of at the York Harbor Inn.

I'm going to continue on in a further post, because trying to format all the pictures is making me nuts.  So stay tuned for Part II.

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