Monday, May 23, 2011

Some Other Spring, Part II

To continue, we attended Shawn's uncle Jeff's 50th birthday party on Mother's Day weekend.  Shawn's parents were out of town, and my mother really isn't invested in Hallmark holidays.  It was a fun time, but it was a little disturbing for me to realize that I'm only about ten years younger than he is, since I'll be forty in February.   I apologize for the really crappy picture.  I forgot my camera, and my blackberry takes really yucky photos.

To digress a bit, some of you know that I'm thinking about a knitting tattoo for my 40th birthday. I'm thinking about getting a dragon that's knitting surround with balls of yarn with a caption that says "Yarned & Dangerous" underneath.  The picture is close, but I want the dragon to be sitting up and knitting and I want the swirls to be balls of yarn.  I need to get in touch with a couple of places to see who could draw that for me, but I've been a might busy.  Maybe today, since I'm off I can send out emails.

The weekend of May 14 and 15 was full of fibery goodness.  Stephie S and I braved the crowds and the madness and went to the annual WEBS tent sale on Saturday.  It was crazily insane (I usually go on Sunday when it's not quite so nuts). 

I did not quite follow the 2011 Yarn & Fiber Stash Reduction Plan, as I was somewhat over optimistic as to the level of savings I could achieve, but I did good and got some killer deals. I managed to get enough yarn to do three sweaters and three shawls or five sweaters and one shawl depending on what I do with the yarn, and I got some more of the sparkly stuff to design the sweater I'm planning.  I didn't think the one skein I already had was going to do it.  So anyway, here's pictures of the haul.


For one of the shawls I picked up Noro's laceweight, which I had not seen before.  I really like it, and it seems much softer than normal Noro.


This is the sparkly stuff.  It's Artyarns Beaded Pearl and Sequin and the base yarn is silk.  It's gorgeous stuff.  And I got it on discount, so that's good.

This is one of WEBS brand yarns. It's Valley Yarns Huntington and I think I'm going to do a lightweight short sleeve sweater for work.  It's about a fingering weight I believe. 

This is a merino tencel yarn, Valley Yarns 2/10 Colrain Lace, and what's funny about this, is that when I got home and went to log it into my inventory in Ravelry, I discovered that I bought two cones of it at the tent sale last year.  I must really like it, but I did get a good deal on it too.

 This 2/14 in Alpaca and Silk.  It's really gorgeous, and I got a killer deal on it.

This is alpaca and silk boucle from Bristol Yarns Gallery and it's called Yardley.  I'm hoping to do another short sleeved shell for work in it.

This is Nashua Creative Focus Cotton, and I'm hoping to do a light summer casual sweater in it.

Stephie and I went to a new Asian restaurant in Northampton, as the place we normally go had changed hands.  So we went to a place called Zen which was across the street.  It was really very good, and we enjoyed it after the whole insanity of the sale.  I managed to make it home by about 5:00 pm ish.

So ends Part II, to prevent me from going insane from picture formatting.  Stay tuned for Part III.

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