Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dancing Queen

While at the Elegant Ewe for Gina's show, I also picked up some more sock yarn. Because I need it, right? And especially in the color I chose. Because you know, I couldn't possibly have any purple sock yarn in the stash right? Ha.

On Friday Alison had invited us to go see her Aunt Sue's belly dancing recital. We went to Alison's to pick her up so that Shawn could meet Edgar. They seemed to get along okay, even though Edgar is a mommy's dog. You should see him trail Alison through the whole apartment, it's hilarious.

We drove down to the Crown Plaza in Nashua for the belly dancing recital. Apparently it was a whole day workshop. There were lots of vendors selling costumes, so Alison and I had to investigate this prior to the show. I don't think the purple hip scarf with the the jingling sequins really went with my fleece coat. Doesn't seem to have quite the right effect.

There were various performances by groups and individuals attending the workshop, but my camera batteries were on their last legs, so I focused on making sure I had pictures of Aunt Sue's performance. They all came out really dark, so they've been photoshopped to death to get these. Aunt Sue's class is a beginner to intermediate class and I think they said they were doing a veil dance. Aunt Sue is in green/teal.

It was fascinating really. After the performance, since it was around the corner, we went to Five Guys and Fries.

Yesterday and today I spent several hours working on the novel. I now have 26, 171 words and 88 pages. I've almost sorted out the time line, but I still think it's going to take a couple of hours to deal with that and have it make sense. I'm hoping to resolve it tonight, but we'll see. I am now at 26% of my goal of 100,000 words.

In fiber news, I've been making some progress on the knitting, but I've really been focusing on the writing this week. I'm about to start the decreases on the hand on the mittens, but it's been slow going. I think I'm bored because I've knit these before, even though it was twelve years ago.

I'm off to write. I have twelve hours of time in the novel to span to get me to where I should be, in the timeline. Stay tuned.

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