Monday, February 1, 2010

A Day in the Life

This week was about more cleaning. Again, I really, really hate cleaning. But the house had to be presentable for Laura V's visit, or she'd tidy around me. Seriously. It's happened.

Poor Shawn got home from Minneapolis on Friday night, earlier than expected, to find me on the kitchen floor in my cruddiest clothes cleaning the hermit crab cage. And then he got impressed into service. I'm sure he was thrilled that he managed to get an earlier flight home, so that he could help clean for the next three hours or so.

Laura arrived on Saturday morning, and we played with the Wii Fit Plus so she could check it out. After several hours of silliness, we decided to grab Vietnamese for lunch at the Golden Bowl on Queen City Ave in Manchester, because Vietnamese is always good. Then Laura decided that she needed a Wii, a Wii Fit Plus, some assorted accessories, and a TV. Apparently the Wii and the Wii Fit Plus are in short supply in the Manchester/Concord area. It took us going to five stores to get everything she needed and we snagged the last Wii Fit Plus and the last Wii at two different stores by calling ahead and telling them to hold it. The saleswoman at the BestBuy in Concord told us to take the Wii Fit Plus out to the car immediately so we did not get mugged for it.

Once we got everything we came back to the house, and goofed off for a while before heading to Fratellos on Canal in Manchester for dinner. We had a bottle of prosecco, which I had not had before. It was lovely, but I'm a sparkling wine fan. We had the carpaccio, Laura had the Chicken Capri and I had Lobster Ravioli. And then for some reason we had dessert. Laura had a puff pastry sundae thing, and I had the toll house pie. It was wonderful.

On Sunday, I conned Laura into going to guild with me. Laura does not knit. The only time that Laura tried to knit when we lived together, she knit so tightly that her hands swelled up about twice their normal size. It was quite possibly once of the weirdest knitting related thing I've ever seen. She appeared to have a good time chatting with everyone, and I got to work on my hat. I've finished with the color work and I just need to knit the crown and the decreases and I can start on the mittens.
The other good thing about knitting on Sunday was that Sarah came with pictures of Gabriel in the Dale Liederhosen outfit I knit for her shower last year. He's so adorable, and I'm happy that it fit him, as I was slightly worried about the waist size of the liederhosen when I knit it.
After guild, I drove Laura back to Boston since it would be hard for her to take the bus back with all her new electronics purchases. After I got home my husband picked up dinner for at Hot Stone Pizzeria, and I crashed.
Stay tuned for further updates, stay warm New Englanders.

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