Sunday, April 4, 2010

Getting Better

I have not blogged for sometime. Between battling an as yet unidentified health issue which is causing me some joint pain, massive fatigue, and night sweats, and dealing with the current round of baby knitting because my friends must procreate in swarms, I've been blowing off the blog.

Don't worry about the health thing, they've tested me for everything that could be potentially nasty, and I'm clear. My doc thinks it may be a virus. I think he's possibly out of his mind, but we'll give it another month or two and see how it goes. (Not that I didn't give it a month and a half before I trooped into his office, but whatever.) In the meantime, I've decided that I'm sick to death of being tired, and if there's one thing I'm good at, it's forcing myself to do stuff even if it kills me. Therefore, I will be refusing to let the fatigue affect my life at all, even if it means jabbing myself in the leg with a knitting needle to keep myself awake, which I was actually forced to resort to doing on Friday night, so that I could continue knitting. (Picture me shaking my fist at the sky, because that's pretty much what I'm doing at this point.)

By way of catch up, and because the pics are so cute, I finished the Thistle and Hat Mitten set and got Alison to pose. I've already sold 5 of the patterns, which I think is solely due to the model.

At work we had a giant cupcake birthday cake for Kat, which I threatened to put a picture of on my blog, and look, I did :)

A couple of weeks ago at writing group, there was some discussion about my novel, and in order to explicate a character's motivations in my book, I need to possibly create and kill off a younger sibling for my main character. The younger sibling would be about 4 or 5 and I'm trying to brainstorm on accidental deaths in rural Maine on a farm. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. This is the other part of the fatigue thing that I have to bull my way through. We had a really great writing group, and I've been so tired, and focused on baby-palooza knitting, that I haven't touched any of the ideas we came up with. (Shaking my fist at the sky again...)

In other news, I finally found a third party backup service that I liked. Now I can access all my computer files on any computer through the web and I can do it on my blackberry too. And it syncs anytime I make a change that minute. Yay!! I'm continuing daily backups on my external hard drive, but you all know how much that ended up working last time. Here's the link to the service I got, if you want to check it out Sugar Sync.

There's not much fiber related news that I can post right now, given that some of my friends read my blog. The group Secret Project is progressing, the solo Secret Project for Sally is moving at a good clip, and the Secret Project for Chris and Kristie is at a standstill except when I need it as a decoy at guild meetings. I'm prioritizing knitting by due dates at this point. Once my friend Sarah A. has a gender, I can put her into the queue as well.

We did get out bikes out of Brian and Joanne's basement (Shawn's parents) and took them over to Goodale's to get them tuned up for the season, so they are all ready to go now. But between the cold and the fatigue, I haven't managed a ride yet. And this weekend my mother was here, so it hasn't happened either. Soon though, I'm going to make myself go no matter how tired I am.

Now we are returning to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress.

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