Monday, August 31, 2009

From this Moment On

I'm thinking about titling all my future blog posts with song titles. Just to see if you all get it, but I'm not sure if I can be that structured. Anyway, this is what we've been up to lately.

My husband Shawn and I had breakfast with Kristie, Chris and the kiddo for Shawn's 32nd birthday (yes, I know he's a young'un.) We went to Mary Ann's in Derry and had a good breakfast and watched Zach destroy his father's pancakes. I think he thought they were like play dough. It was fairly amusing. There was an awful lot of throw the toy on the ground and make the parents pick it up going on too. Reminded me of Kiwi. Kristie took a picture of us at the diner, because I'm usually the one with the camera. I'm not thrilled with it. Bad angle for my face :)

We also had a visit with Shawn's parents and his grandparents, Shirley and Al. We had a really nice dinner salad with shrimp and chicken, and his parents got Shawn a sugar free angel food cake with sugar free cool whip and fruit. That worked out pretty well for Shawn.

He also got a GPS for his birthday from his parents, and I got a lovely hand me down rocker that didn't sell in the yard sale. I'm happy about it, because I keep almost buying rocking chairs at furniture stores, and then I don't because I'm cheap, and now I have one.

Shawn and I also went to Gaucho's for his birthday dinner. It's a ridiculous meat fest. But that's what Shawn wanted. At least it's something he can over indulge a little bit, once in a while. He's doing really well weight wise. He now has lost 60 pounds. Anyway, it's one of those places where they bring you 11 different kinds of meat on skewers all night. This is picture from their website.

I did write quite a bit over last weekend, but until yesterday, I was kind of in a holding pattern. I had the flu last week and it just drained me for creative pursuits. All I did was knit last week, in between being ill and sleeping. I do have three swirls on the third row of motifs of the swirl shawl though.

This past weekend we went to Shawn's Aunt Debbie's wedding reception in Manchester. It was really nice and they seemed really happy. It was nice to visit with Shawn's Uncle Scott and Aunt Anita and to see Shawn's other grandparents. It was too bad that it rained like hell, but it didn't seem to dampen anyone's enthusiasm, just their clothes.

Yesterday, I wrote for a couple of hours before I headed down to Boston to see Laura. Laura and I shared an apartment my last year of law school, which makes it just about 13 years since we met. How crazy is that? We spent the day shopping and buying random stuff. I got some really cheap shirts at JC Penney ranging from $4.97 to 13.00 and I bought a lot of tea at Teavana. So did Laura. I'm still not sure what that was about. We had lunch and dinner pretty much at the same time give the amount of stuff we ate at The Cheesecake Factory, and then we headed to Trader Joe's. I didn't get much, but they did have some saffron that was inexpensive so I got that, some almonds, some Riesling, and some apples and tomatoes. Again, the theme of the day seem to be random acquisitions.

This week is the organizational meeting of the Writer's Group that Sally and I are trying to put together. I'm very excited about it, and hopeful that it will be helpful to all of us. Cross your fingers please.

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