Saturday, August 1, 2009

Finally Up to Date

Okay, I'm mostly up to date now. On the Sunday before I left, I ordered fibery goodness presents for the people who have finished knitting the Mya Jacket. If I haven't seen it completed, don't worry, you're going to get a present, I just won't get it until I've seen it :) I do need to complete the instructions, and answer some questions, but I think I can get to that tomorrow. Of course, I had to order some other stuff along with the presents. I'm looking forward to picking out presents for the two that I know have been started but not finished. See the yarn I ordered for me:

It arrived while I was gone, and I did pick up some sock yarn just before I left, so I could knit on the plane, but I picked the wrong sock pattern, so I'm not showing the sock. I'm probably going to rip it out. It was too complicated for knitting on a plane while you are totally exhausted. There's some mistakes I could live with, but the pattern is not a warm and fuzzy. So I'll probably take it out.

For the knitterly among you, I'll be posting this stuff to Ravelry once I'm done with the blog, so you can see what it is. Don't want to bore the non-fibery.

I'm still working on the Swirl Shawl, I finally began to make progress once I switched to wooden needles. Sometimes you just need a stickier surface. The metal dpns I was using kept slipping out and driving me batty. This is how far I am - the picture with the needles to the right, and the picture below it is what it is actually supposed to look like, when it's done. I'm probably about 10 swirls into 80 some odd.

Tuesday was Shawn and my second wedding anniversary. We both had to work, so we're celebrating today. We were trying to figure out what to do, but I'm a little broke this week (I had a bad, bad night at Bare Escentuals just before I left--I go in for two things, two things, and I come out with--well, I'm not going to disclose the depths of my weakness and depravity), and Shawn just got new glasses, so we decided to stay in. I'm going to make a chicken in our Ron Popeil Showtime Professional Rotisserie, and some nice veggies. I will let you know if I receive a poem at any point during this evening.

Shawn is doing really, really well. He has lost 57 pounds, and has gone from a size 40" to a size 34". He's got some new clothes and he's keeping his sugar under control. I am trying to diet, but traveling is not conducive to dieting. However, I have continued to eat less than I normally would, and I've only had one small package of skittles since Shawn was diagnosed. I think that's progress for me. No question I need to step it up, but progress is progress.

The picture of Kiwi to the right, is her keeping me company this morning while I blogged, or rather after she drowned herself in her bath while I blogged. I always think she looks so ridiculous soaking wet.

There, I'm up to date finally :)

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