Saturday, June 20, 2009

Flying trip to Maine

(**the editor is not allowing me to do paragraphs again so I'll use asterisks)

Today I did one of my "flying trips to Maine" which means I get up at an ungodly hour, drive 3 hours to Maine, hang out for 5-6 hours, and drive back 3 hours. For those who would question why any sane person would do this, I'm allergic to my grandmother's house because she burns wood. Now, granted, my asthma has improved an unbelievable amount since I escaped from the practice of law, but I'm still leery of testing it. ER visits and prednisone tapers are not fun at all.
Anyway, my mother quit her job effective Friday, and I still had all her Pampered Chef stuff from a party I had in April, and I had ordered a new camera and some accessories for her when I ordered mine, so I decided to make a run up. Since Shawn had a male only LaRoche father's day pool playing event at Gillian's in Manchester, it was a good time to go, so that I would not complain about how vastly unfair that just the guys get to go play pool. I mean, what the hell?
Okay, so I've complained, fairly loudly actually.
I got to Maine about 10:30 am or so because I got a late start. (Yes, I know it is appalling that 7:30 am is a late start for one of these jaunts.) We hung out at Gram's for a while, chatting with Doug and Barb who are up from Florida. Doug is my mother's brother who looks like Abraham Lincoln. I am not kidding. He really does. It was good to see them. We played with Mom's camera and looked at her new Pampered Chef stuff, and then decided to go to lunch at Captain's Fresh Idea in Waldoboro.
On the way there, we realized that we might not have mentioned to my sister that I was up. So we called her and asked her to meet us there. Since we were there first, mom and I decided to split some steamers. Here's pictures of Mom and the steamers. I don't often get to have steamers now, because Shawn is not a fan at all, and I always feel like a glutton if I get a whole order by myself. I also got the lobster salad plate which was really good. I pretty much used up all my allowable protein for the day and then some, at lunch.
Here's pictures of Deb and Noah, with Noah making faces, and Mike and Wren. Wren's eyes are closed, but even with his eyes closed it always shocks me how much he looks like my sister and my father. DNA, who knew??
After lunch, mom and I decided to go to Rockland so she could look into getting wireless for her computer, but we were unable to find the store where she was supposed to go. So we checked out the sights and the changes in Rockland, and I was finally able to get some pictures of lupins. During the whole ride up, the lupins by the side of the road were out of control. I couldn't believe there were so many of them. We also took a little jaunt past the Samoset and I got some pictures of the bay. I headed out to go back to Manch Vegas around 3:30 pm.

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