Sunday, May 31, 2009

So far...

Well, this weekend has been a lot of learning about food exchanges and reading labels to figure out how to count food and to plan meals. We did get the Amercian Diabetes Association's food exchange guide and the one for restaurant foods.

We also took the child (Kiwi, our parrot) in to get a trim and get some new toys and treats. She is spoiled rotten. She has three new bags of treats, and a new cooked food mix. Yes, for those of you who are wonder, I am fully aware that I have gone completely insane when I cook food for a parrot, and freeze mini-tupperware containers of it so that she has "meals" for later.

We did six miles at Lake Massabesic, which was only .4 more miles than we did last weekend but seemed to kill us. The air wasn't as good yesterday I think, and my front tire looked like it might be low, so that might explain it. After the ride, we went to Goodale's to get a bike pump. Yesterday was the furthest we've gone on that trail. We got to see some new areas of the lake (I'm assuming) and we found a huge patch of lady slippers, for which Shawn was again spectacularly unimpressed. There were also a lot of water liles. We also got to go through a tunnel underneath the road, which was cool. We were supposed to go riding again with Gina and Ian at the Windham Rail Trail , but due to weather issues, we rescheduled it to tomorrow night. Donna D. is going to come along and walk as well.

I've been working on upsizing Mya's Jacket, in fact that's what I did at guild today, both to make me do it, and because I don't have another project on needles yet, which is weird. (I must be ill or something....) I need to think of a good design project. I'm thinking that some fingerless gloves might be good, as the "freezing a/c until my fingernails turn blue" period of the year at the office has started, and it would be a quick no commitment design project, until I decide on something larger. Anyway, I have one more size to do tonight on Mya's Jacket , which I'll work on while Shawn's sleeping (he has to get up at 2:00 am, so he'll be in bed soon). I'll have a draft PDF out to those of you who have expressed an interest tonight, I think.

Tonight we made Balsamic Braised Chicken on a bed of couscous from The Best Diabetes Slow Cooker Recipes which was pretty good. We had enough left over to freeze 4 more portions of it for lunches, measured out by exchange, and using freezer masking tape and a sharpie to mark the exchanges on it. Shawn picked out a couple more recipes that he'd like to try so we can stock up on lunches to bring to work.

That's where we are so far...

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