Saturday, May 23, 2009

Relay for Life- American Cancer Society

I'm doing the Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. Normally I fork over a lot of dough to those who are walking, but this year, I am less endowed with dough, and it's probably my turn. So I'll be walking and tenting out to do the relay with the Bianco crew.

I'm doing this primarily for the memory of my aunt Liz, and for the friends and family that I have that are surviors and are currently fighting. I started thinking about it, and I have a lot of people that are currently fighting or are survivors. I won't name names, because everyone is entitled to their privacy, just Liz because she's not here to smack me for it. (And if you knew her, she'd think that comment was hysterically funny and not in bad taste at all.) That's the thing I probably miss most about her, is her sense of humor and her very distinct laugh. Every now and again, something hits, me and I think, oh Liz would have thought that was hilarious. Or I say something wicked/evil and I think, oh Liz would have been screaming laughing about that one. I like to think that she's having a grand old time somewhere, watching our exploits and cackling, and possibly harassing those who need it, from the great beyond. It's been five years, since she passed, and the grief still hits at odd points, and even as I write this, I'm struggling and trying not to cry, loudly anyway (Shawn's still asleep), and because I know that's not what she would want. She was only 55 and she should have been allowed to laugh, torment and tease a lot more people. She was a sharp and smart person who gave so much to the people around her, and cancer should not have been allowed to win. Hope you're having fun Liz, and there are certain people who need to be haunted, who shall remain nameless, if you're feeling up to it!

This is the only picture I could find with both me and Liz in it, most of the time, she was the picture taker in the family.

Please sponsor me if you can at my relay donation page. Go here. If you can't as I know times are tough, feel free to do some fundraising, every bit helps. We lose too many important people from our lives from this disease.

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  1. Good luck with the fundraising! I'm sure Liz is giving you her blessing.