Monday, May 25, 2009

Riding the Windham Rail Trail with Gina and Ian

We had a really great time riding the Windham Rail Trail with Gina and Ian today. It's gorgeous and most of it is paved, so it was a lot easier to ride than at Lake Massabesic. We rode 8.1 miles. There was a lot of pollen blowing around today, but I never even thought about putting a rescue inhaler in my backpack until we were 4 miles along or so. But I turned out not to need it, so that was cool. However, I'll think I'll throw the nebulizer in that backpack just in case. My asthma has been so much better, I forget to think about it, which kind of blows my mind a bit.
I hadn't seen Gina in months and months, and she looks unbelievably great. I'm so proud of her!
Today I had yet more nature girl encounters. I saw a huge great blue heron landing in one of the ponds, very close to us, but I was unable to get any good pictures. We did meet a turtle and I took his picture, and Gina took a picture of me taking his picture (in which I look god awful, it's in Gina's album on facebook). And I saw another lady slipper, which makes three for this weekend.
After that, Shawn and I grabbed breakfast at Poor Boy's Diner in Londonderry, NH. Tonight I plan on doing the calculations to upsize Mya's Jacket, but you know what they say about the best laid plans.

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