Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Times They Are A Changin'

You know, the fact that I spend ten minutes going through my I-Tunes list for the right song to title the blog is ridiculous but it amuses me.

The title is apropos this week, as some of you know, as I'm moving on to a new job. I'm very excited about it and I think it's a good new challenge and I will get to work with a former co-worker and friend again. I've been very busy training my replacement at Jetboil, and my last day there is this coming Friday.

The only downside to the new job is that I will once again have to dress up. And since most of my stuff was really worn when I left Bianco, I got rid of it. So I've gone through my closet, and figured out what I still had (including the interview suit I had bought to interview for this job) which consists of 2 days of outfits. And 2 pair of shoes, one of which really don't match any of the aforementioned outfits. I did manage to find one suit yesterday, which gets me to 3 days, but this means that serious shopping is to come in the next two weeks as I start on November 30th. I do not relish clothes shopping. Book shopping, yarn shopping, yes, but clothes shopping, not at all. Honestly, I'd rather clean the bathroom. With a toothbrush. But I do think the job will be worth it.

In other news, I've done very little writing lately. There's been so much other commotion that I just have not wanted to do it. So I've been spinning instead. However I did manage to crank out a couple of more pages the other night, and I'll be revising them this morning to submit for my writing group's critique as it's my turn this month.

I did manage to finish one of the socks and knit the cuff of the second.

I also picked some fiber from my stash to spin. I had purchased a 2.25 oz Rainbow Ribbon Batt from Foxfire Fiber by Barbara Parry at one of the NH Sheep and Wool events. I love, love their stuff. This batt is Blue Faced Leicester sheep wool, Angelina (sparkly stuff), cashmere and silk. They also have a lot of Cormo wool, which I love. I have a ton of their stuff in the stash, so I'm sure it'll pop up in the blog one way or the other.

I spun this in a fine single as I was thinking that I wanted fingering weight yarn. I think the yarn wants to be a little decorative scarf or maybe fingerless mitts.

This is a picture of the singles on the bobbin and a picture of me holding the yarn being made to show the size of the singles.

I made a center pull ball with the singles with my ball winder and plied the center end with the outside of the ball end to make a two ply yarn. You can see the size of the two ply yarn as I'm holding it and as I'm winding it on to the bobbin.

What's disappointing about the pictures is you really can't see the Angelina. The sparkle is subtle but there in real life, but it isn't really translating in the pictures.

To all my friends who are knitting and partying in Vermont this weekend, hope you're having a great time, and try to not get arrested!

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