Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Long Day is Over

You might have noticed that I skipped the blog this past weekend. I normally post once a week, but it's been a bit nuts here. This past Friday was my last day at Jetboil and I was busy training my replacement, who was miraculously great. I was very lucky to get two going away cakes, one on Thursday with everyone and a very nice card. I also got a very nice Christmas cactus that I hope I will be able to keep alive for just a little bit. The second is pictured here. Notice it's purple. Very purple. How awesome is that? Thanks Lisa!! I also received a case of 230 gram fuel which I was psyched about. Sometimes people get a PCS or a Flash when they leave, but I already have 2 PCS, a Flash and a Helios, so I asked for fuel. Perry also very nicely took me to CR Sparks for lunch on my last day and it was really good.

The very next day I hosted my writing group at my house. I made chocolate fondue in the Helios and we had a very productive meeting I thought. I really value the conversations and the thoughts everyone shares about the writing, even if it's not mine. I think that I learn something from every meeting. I'm very happy about the tenor of the meetings so far.

Chocolate Fondue Recipe:

16 ounces dark, sweet or semi-sweet chocolate
1 1/2 cups light cream
1 tsp. Vanilla extract

Using a Helios Guide, take cozy off 2L pot and put 1-2 cups of water in 3L pot. Place 2L pot in 3l pot to act as double boiler (or use double boiler.)

1. Break chocolate squares into smaller pieces and drop them into the pot.

2. Add cream (which will prevent the chocolate from going lumpy) and stir gently but constantly until the chocolate is melted and smooth.

3. Add vanilla extract, and stir it in.

4. Use a fondue fork to spear the fruit, then dip it in the chocolate. Enjoy!

It's really, really good. But bad for you.

On Sunday, since I'd been having such awful luck in NH trying to find corporate wear for the new gig, I headed down to Boston and picked up Laura V and we went to the Natick Mall. Can I just say, I hate NH store selection? In less than 2 hours, I had bought six suits, a jacket and 4 shirts. I shopped in NH for six hours and managed to buy 1 suit and 2 pairs of shoes. The first four suits we bought in the first half hour. I mean, I'm sorry, but apparently the temper tantrum I had at the Macy's in the Rockingham Mall last Monday (which did involve me asking to see the manager and telling the manager exactly what I thought about them not carrying plus sizes) was entirely justified. It was perhaps obnoxious, but justified. Laura and I had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, where we ordered way too much food again, and the drinks were somewhat potent.

After the Natick Mall, we went back to Allston, where we decided we needed to go to the asian market. I bought more skewers for fondue (yum, fondue) and some pickled ginger and baby bok choy for Shawn.

On Monday Shawn and I took Kiwi to the vet for her wellness exam. She's fine, but my checkbook took a hit. I had some other appointments, but I also managed to find two more shirts and three skirts.

We also visited the new fish market in Manchester on Second Street. Can I just tell you, I almost cried I was so happy! It's called Free Range Fish & Lobster and it's an offshoot of a Portland, Maine company. I bought some scallops and some Maine shrimp. I was almost jumping up and down. Shawn thought I was nuts, but being from Maine, I am a (to put it in Maine dialect) right wicked snob about seafood. They bring the fish down from Maine. I can't tell you what it means to me to be able to get good seafood here finally, and not that crap at the supermarket. Seriously, it's bringing tears to my eyes again. Shawn and I baked the scallops in a little butter with a parmesan/bread crumb crust and stir fried the baby bok choy to go with it. It was wonderful. Go to this market!! I need them to stay in business please!!

Today I managed to score another jacket and three shirts. So I think I'm just about done, except I do probably need two more pairs of shoes. I'll try to hit Off-Broadway Shoes tomorrow. I also did eight loads of laundry washing all the new stuff that needed to be washed.

Last night Shawn and I made final decisions on the menu for Thanksgiving. And for those of you keeping track on facebook, I did decide to brine the turkey although I do think it's a royal pain. We found a recipe for cranberry sauce using splenda instead of sugar, and a diabetic key lime pie recipe. I picked up the groceries today around 2:00 pm ish, and I couldn't believe what a freaking zoo it was. Aren't most people supposed to be working at that time of day?

In fiber news, I have barely knit this week. I have spun though. I had two rainbow batts from Grafton Fibers (which is now called DyakCraft) I got several years ago at a NH Sheep and Wool.

This the batt and the batt spread out. The colors range from black to a deep orange/red.

I spun the singles keeping the colors together the same order as the batt. The color progression is interesting to see on the bobbins as I spun the batt into singles.

After spinning the singles, I've managed to navaho ply one of the bobbins, as I wanted to keep the color changes together.

I still have to navaho ply the second bobbin, but here's what the first skein looked like. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, but it would have to be something that takes advantage of the long color changes.
Well, this sort of catches us up. Stay tuned for Thanksgiving updates.

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