Saturday, July 2, 2011

Starting Over

Last weekend we had a meeting of the Misplaced Modifiers, which was fun as it always is.  I'm always amazed by the things we come up with even when we're goofing off.  Everyone's haikus were wonderful.  And although I bailed on the haiku thing, apparently writing my little bit of doggerel verse got me back on the wagon.  So I revised the Purple Calendar of Doom, applied the extra words I had done in previous months, and figured out that I needed to write 15,164 or finish the novel to make up for May and June.  So I wrote a lot last week.  I managed to pound out 7,579 words from Sunday to Thursday evening.  I was three words short of making up May (15,164 divided by 2 for May and June), but that's close enough.  I declare May complete.  The plan for July is to write 15,585 words or finish the novel to make up for June and complete July.  I intend to write quite a bit over the holiday weekend, and when we go on vacation to the Cape at the end of the month (thanks Bridget M!!), I'll bring the laptop and write before Shawn gets up, because my body feels it necessary to wake me up every morning at 6:00 a.m.  So here's the stats:  June's word count brought me to a overall total of 97,302 words and 320 pages double spaced in manuscript format.  Good news - I'm only 2,700 words away from reaching my goal of 100K.  Bad news - There's no way I'm going to finish the novel before I hit 100K. 

In fiber news,  I had spun more than required for previous months (according to the 2011 Yarn & Fiber Stash Reduction Plan, I have to spin 4 oz a month this year), and so have been using the overage to credit months ahead.  June was covered as a result so I didn't spin last month with everything else going on.  I have a credit of 1.26 oz for July, but that means that I'm going to have to get my rear end in gear and spin a few ounces for this month.  I'm also considering taking my wheel to the Cape, but I'm not sure how much stuff I want to lug.  I'll have to see how it goes.  I'm also thinking that I want to take my wheel apart and clean it, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea.  I have noticed a difference in the treadling, so I think some thing's up with it.

In knitting news, I'm reaching the end of the Kyoto jacket.  I have about 6-8 inches left to knit, and then all that's left is putting it together.  There's a possibility I may finish by the end of the weekend depending on my writing schedule.  After I finish this jacket, I want to do some knitting for the cruise in December with some stuff in my stash.

In garden news, the pepper plants in the topsy turvey were growing up to the next balcony.  Since the plants come out the sides, I took it down and I've set it on top of a table.  I have a lot of little peppers, the zucchini plant has one flower, but the regular tomatoes still have not flowered, nor have the cukes.  I don't think I'm going to get any tomatoes at this point.  The one year I decide to have a garden and it rains for two months.  Sigh.  Oh well, some peppers will be nice.

We're keeping it fairly low key this weekend, other than me attempting to write a boat load of words. We have dinner plans with friends tonight, but that's pretty much it.  Shawn does not have Monday off, so I plan to write a lot that day.

 Stay tuned.

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