Monday, July 25, 2011

Add It Up

This is sort of an interim post before I start posting about the Cape.  Try to get everything done before we went was a bit crazy since I spent the day with Laura V in Boston the Saturday before the week we were leaving.  I mean, I did need to shop because I desperately needed shorts.  Too bad I couldn't find any I could stomach buying.  Seriously, they all sucked.  But I did find a suit, a suit jacket and some shirts, and some makeup that I shouldn't have bought at Sephora, but let's just pretend that didn't happen.  We saw a hilarious Coach bag in purple sequins that I would have bought if it had been say, $37 dollars instead of $378.  If anyone sees it on deep discount or as a knock off, let me know.  It was just too funny and it's the right shade of purple.  Laura V and I had a good lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  Their treatment of allergies wasn't stellar (get a damn allergy list  will you, instead of making me ask about fifteen individual things), but it was pretty decent.  After we finished shopping, we headed back to Allston, and had Vietnamese at Le's (formerly Pho Pasteur).  It was a great day. 

On Monday there was much cleaning.

Tuesday I met up with Lisa E and we went to XO on Elm in Manchester.  It was wonderful.  While they didn't have an allergy list, the chef came out to meet me and discuss different dishes and he offered to make me something that wasn't even on the menu.  I ended up just having him modify one of the dishes by swapping out sides, so I had braised lamb shank in New Castle Brown Ale sauce.  YUM.  I also had the Far East tini, which was a ginger liqueur with cranberry and orange juice.  Lisa and I had a great time as always, which is why we can't go out to dinner and have it take less than 3 hours.

On Wednesday, there was much cleaning and paying of bills.

On Thursday I met some friends and knit for a while, and then came home, and there was much cleaning.

On Friday, there was grocery shopping for the cape and for the meeting of the Misplaced Modifiers taking place at my house, and even more cleaning.  I did lose a hermit crab to the big aquarium in the sky on Friday (I think) so I ended up also having to clean their whole setup that evening as well.  Out of the original six I bought sometime in February or March of 2008, I still have two left.  That's pretty good for hermit crabs I think.

On Saturday, there was much more cleaning before the meeting of the Misplaced Modifiers, and for my mother coming down to stay while we're at the Cape.  (I tend to clean pretty much only when people are coming over, so it can become a Herculean task to shovel out.) The meeting of the Misplaced Modifiers went well, but we were a little lackluster as we were all exhausted from the heat (and in my case, cleaning). After the meeting I had to finish the laundry, pack my knitting, pack my writing, and my clothes for the Cape.

Before I left on Sunday, I took pictures of the garden, just in case Mom kills everything.  Haha, just kidding.  I just want to compare the difference after a week when I get back.  Yeah, that's what I meant.  Totally.

So the topsy turvey with the peppers in it has one jalapeno, but it's blooming.  The habenaro is finally starting to bloom and the long red peppers have lots of little green peppers but no  red yet.

 I have about eight little green cherry tomatoes, and I finally got some flowers on the big tomatoes that have grown taller than I am.

I also have one little baby cucumber.  Not sure I'll get any more as there really don't seem to be enough bees about.

I worked on my Mad Color Knit Along Shawl thing this week too.  Have not touched the purse strap mostly because I think I'm going to redesign it.  It's not quite what I want.

I also decided that I needed an emergency project for the Cape in case I didn't have enough to do, so I'm doing the Absinthe sock from with some Iris Miss Babs sock yarn. As it's just in case, I haven't actually started it yet, but I did wind the yarn.

So that's it for last week, the next post will be about the Cape vacation.

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