Saturday, February 19, 2011

Money That's What I Want

Today I held a private knitting class on fixing errors at my apartment to members of the Concord Knitting Meetup as a fundraiser to help with Lora K's medical bills.  I just want to thank all those who attended and those who made contributions, even though you didn't attend, specifically, Mary T, Mary S, Tracy B, Nancy B, Sarah A, Heather M, Roberta L, Ellen R and Stephanie S.  With all of your help, we were able to raise $550.00.  Woo-hoo!! 

Because some members of the Concord group could not attend, there is a second session being planned, so if any other of my knitting friends are interested in attending, please email me and I'll put you on the information list. 

This week has mostly been spent dealing with a difficult week at the office, preparing for the class, cleaning my train wreck of an apartment, and getting snacks made. I also had dinner with some of my former Jetboil co-workers, Kristin and Lisa at Kristin's. It was lovely to see them both.
I did do some writing on Monday, so I now have a grand total of 70,006 words and 232 pages of the yet untitled novel.  I need to write another 3,445 words this month if I'm going to make my monthly goal of 8,000 words until the thing is done.  I wonder how long it will take me to title the novel, when I finish. I haven't thought at all about what to do about that.  Maybe I can brainstorm with the Misplaced Modifiers next week during our monthly meeting.
In knitting news, I'm only a few rows away from starting to incorporate the leaves into the cuff of the first Vintage Sock.  I'm hoping that I might be able to finish the first sock this weekend, as I have Monday off, with the exception of visiting the orthopedist and the allergist.  I'm also hoping to get some writing in on Monday.

For the rest of the evening and for most of tomorrow though, I plan to do nothing but sit and knit, and I may even have a glass of wine. Maybe two even.

Stay tuned for further updates at this same bat-channel. 

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  1. Denise,
    I am so thankful for you and all of Lora's knitting friends. Thank you for all you have done and do for Lora. Cecil and I feel better about being home when we know she has all of you.
    God Bless You,