Monday, February 28, 2011

All I Really Want

All I really want is for the freaking weather to stop.  But I'm sure the "winter sucks" rant is getting boring for some of you.  So let me move on the drivers in New Hampshire.  I realize that I'm from Maine, and I was raised driving in snow storms, where you had to stick your head out the window to see because the windshield wiper had stopped working (which probably says more about the quality of the car I was driving than the storms), and the people driving around me then also knew how to drive in the snow, but seriously?  It's all I can do not to stop my car and smack people for stupidity.  Okay, end rant.  I'll behave now, I promise.  Sort of.  I may or may not be crossing my fingers behind my back.

In fiber news, for those of you not on Facebook, I finished the Vintage Sock last weekend. 

Just one more sock to go.  I did finally get the second one cast on last night and I 've got the leaf sew in the leaf hole, so we're ready to cruise on it, once I finish this blog post.  I did take a quick break in between to make my friend Kate a coffee sleeve in a fabulous fuschia color, that coincidentally matches a scarf she already owns. 

I also worked on my monthly spinning quota for the 2011 Yarn & Fiber Stash Reduction plan.  Good news, I've met the spinning 4 ounces of fiber per month goal for January, February, and most of March.  Bad news, in poking around in my fiber closet, I found a bunch of roving and fiber that I did not remember I had, and which, of course, is not inventoried on my Ravelry account.  Bad news, as I spin it up, my Ravelry inventory count will increase, rather than decrease.  Good news, if I spin it up, it will take less room in the closet.  Trying to think positive here, which as most of you know, is a challenge for me.

In writing news, I hosted a meeting of the Misplaced Modifiers on Saturday, and I think it was productive. The bruschetta stuff Mary Kate brought was amazing.   However, as February was a short month, and I had slacked a bit, I needed to write 3,445 words by the end of the weekend to make February's monthly word goal of 8,000 words.  I managed it, but I'm not sure how good it is.  But I'm working toward the action packed end of the book, as I still have to shoot a couple of characters in it.  As of Sunday, I had 73,475 words and 244 pages.  As I'm shooting for around 100,000 words, I'm pretty excited that I think I'm nearing the end.  I think it may go over a bit, but I'm getting there :)

In health news, I had Monday off and visited the orthopedist and the allergist.  The orthopedist said I have a really bad bone bruise and it would go away eventually, but might take awhile.  The allergist is going to test me for all tree nuts, eggs, soy, peanuts, and a couple of other random things next Monday.  However, I have to stop taking my Zyrtec tomorrow, so I might be miserable the rest of the week.  We'll see how it goes. Shawn took Kiwi to the groomers and got her wings trimmed and her nails de-sharpened.  (She has already resumed sharpening them, the hateful little twerp).  Shawn couldn't resist getting her some new toys.  Here's some gratitious cute Kiwi pictures as well. Kiwi is at this moment sitting on my shoulder attempting to sharpen one of my fingernails.  She's a very odd bird.

I'm fairly pleased that I've made it two months into New Years Resolution Writing Plan and 2011 Yarn & Fiber Stash Reduction Plan, without violating it, and meeting the goals. Hopefully, I can keep a momentum going.  Although, seriously, I'm not going anywhere or doing anything next weekend period, except maybe go to guild. 

Stay tuned for further updates as they come in.

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  1. The purple book of doom -- it works!

    Good luck with the no allergy meds -- that was worse than the testing, IMO.