Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Puppy Love

 Well, after tonight, I can finally do the reveal on the last secret project, which for those of you following along on Ravelry and here on the blog, was referred to as Secret Project V. Because Alison has been super cool to organize all the baby blanket projects during this most recent baby wave and prior baby waves, we decided it would be fun to do a mini-baby blanket for her for Edgar, her Chihuahua-shihtzu mix. This time, Tracy volunteered to do the assembly and edging, so all I was responsible for was doing my square. The color's not right in the picture of the square , but it shows the cables best. I did cables to represent rope toys.

We presented the blanket at tonight's monthly meeting at Borders. I think Alison was surprised. She was told it was in her best interests to attend this evening. Apparently that threw her off track because she asked Tracy if we were doing an intervention or something. I'm not sure why she thought we'd stage one. What could she need an intervention from??

In any case, I think she liked it.  It's certainly her color.  And it was dog themed.  There were paw prints, dog houses, and fire hydrants.  Hopefully Edgar doesn't decide to chew it up on the first night.

Not much else has gone on since my last blog post.  I know, I know, two posts in one week.  The universe must be ending.  I did get my purple glasses for those of you not on facebook.  The picture of me blows, but you can see the purple here.  Also, I've been working on the Tramline Cable Sweater and I have two 20 row pattern repeats done.  This picture shows the cables much better than one row repeat did.   Of course I spent much of guild this evening fixing a problem in the outer rice stitch section which occurred 4 rows down from the row I was working on.  So I only got about 3 rows of "net" knitting tonight.  Sigh.

Looking forward to this weekend.  Will be trying to fit in the Wool Arts Tour. 

That's all the news that's fit to print. 

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