Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On the Road Down

Saturday turned out to be kind of a low key day.  I made two kinds of bread, oatmeal seed bread, and beer and mustard rye bread.  I did a long work out on the Wii because it turned out to be too hot to deal with the outside.  I worked on Secret Project II and got the bikes ready for our planned ride with Shawn's parents on Sunday.  

We had originally planned to go to the Windham Rail Trail, but since the parking lot is closed for construction and it was the last day of bike week, we decided it would be better to just go to Lake Massabesic and use the trails there.  This is a picture of Shawn and his dad.

There's a neat tunnel on the left side, so this is everyone except the photographer (yours truly), going through the tunnel.

While I really like the fact that there's pavement on the Windham Rail Trail, the trails at Lake Massabesic are really pretty too.

I didn't see any lady slippers this time, but the water lilies were  bloom.

It was a good ride, we did six miles, but my backside felt it the next day.  And we probably should have gone a bit earlier in the day to avoid the heat.  We started around 10 am, but it was still oppressive that early.

After the ride, I headed to knitting guild so that I could distribute the Penzey's order, and I was lucky enough to be there when Sally showed up with the baby.  He's a sweetheart and Sally looked wonderful.  After guild, I headed back to Shawn's parents for dinner for Father's Day, and had a swim in the pool.  The heat was so oppressive or I was so tired from the rid that I went to bed quite early.

Yesterday I headed to my friend Kat's with my steamer and steamed her wedding dress before she left for Brazil to get married. I managed to write a page and half, but I chucked it today.  It was going in the wrong direction.  Today I managed to gain about 1,400 words so that was progress. 

And that's just about all the news that's fit to print.

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