Saturday, December 26, 2009

Spirits in the Material World

Well, as an update to my last post, here is the finished lasagna. I left the toothpicks in it so that I could tent the foil on the way to Christmas at the LaRoches. Shawn had to work from 2:00 pm to midnight, but he was able to go to his parents for a little while, so we could open presents and then have some breakfast. I stayed for the rest of the festivities, as well. Katie had a great idea and I took some videos of Shawn's family saying Merry Christmas to him, which were funny, but I won't post them here. Mostly because I don't have any video editing software and they came out really dark. If you could see my photos before I clean them up in Adobe Elements you'd be amazed at how horrific they are at first.

Here's Shawn and his younger brother playing the Wii. We got his parents a Wii fit plus kit, and they got us a 37" LCD HD TV. And then today we decided to get a Wii too, so we got the Wii fit plus too. Hopefully it'll help us be more active since it's winter and we can't ride the bikes anymore, and we've been doing jack squat.

Here's some pictures of the LaRoche clan at the party.

Today my mother and sister came down to visit. While they were here, Shawn's parents came to deliver our TV (we were worried yesterday about leaving it in my car overnight since Shawn would not be there to help me, or me dropping it down the stairs trying to get it in the house), and help us set it up, which was really nice of them. Luckily it was just the right size, so we didn't have to get a new stand. So now we can move the old TV into the bedroom, and not have to watch the 13" one in there.

We tried to go to Margarita's for lunch, but it turns out they're not open for lunch anymore, although their website said they were. So we went to Fratello's in Manchester instead. We had not been in there for a good long time, and I had forgotten how good it was. I had a great seafood alfredo, and everyone else enjoyed their meals as well. I'm going to have to remember to go back. Then we went shopping, which is when we bought the Wii, Wii Fit Plus, the handset chargers, Wii Play, Tiger Woods 2010, and a numchuck. We managed to get it set up, and we've played a couple of games, but I haven't done the Wii Fit yet. We probably shouldn't have bought it, but oh well.

In fiber news, I finished the helmet liner. I'm now trying to use the purple sparkly handspun to design a little cowl. I'm not sure that I have enough, but we'll see.

Stay tuned for further developments as they occur.

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