Sunday, April 3, 2011

Devil May Care

It was a rough week at work.  That's all I'm going to say because I've been on a week long rant and my blood pressure just started coming down after a whole weekend of spinning and knitting.  I think it may say volumes that I was too ticked to knit or spin during the week, prior to Friday night.  But, moving on.

So, in writing news, I haven't done any since last weekend.  I might this evening, but we'll see. I've really not been in the mood for it, but I could skip this week and still remain on scheduled given the way the weekends fall in April. 

So in spinning news, I finished spinning the 4 oz of  Cormo & Silk Roving (75%/25%) from Foxfire Fiber & Designs at Springdelle Farm. I like it, but I think I will really enjoy dyeing it to see how the wool and the silk take up the dyestock differently.  I'll need to scheduled in a dyeing session at some point as I'll need to do the Optim too.  I generally do not knit with white.  I don't look good in it, and I am asking for trouble if I knit it for others as well.  Ask me about the barbecue sauce incident sometime.

In knitting news, I am still plugging along on reverse engineering the Kyoto Jacket.  What is unfortunate, is that I'm having to do this even though I bought the FREAKING pattern.  Okay, blood pressure again, moving on.

In food allergy news, I did a "egg cooked in things challenge"  last Sunday night after being egg free for two weeks.  It did not go well.  Which was very disappointing.  I had hoped that perhaps that egg cooked in things would be okay.  I had a very similar digestive reaction as I do for my milk allergy and my face swelled up, so that instead of a double chin, I had a quadruple chin.  I was not a happy camper.  I ended up taking a benedryl to try contain some of the reaction. I've also been coconut and almond free along with the egg for the last two weeks (with the exception of the one thing I forgot about yesterday, which I'll discuss further herein).  And my face has cleared up remarkably.  Which is good, but is also disappointing, because it probably supports me staying away from that stuff.  So anyway, I have these chocolate chips that are dairy free.  So yesterday I made pancakes from the The Food Allergy Mama's Baking Book: Great Dairy-, Egg-, and Nut-Free Treats for the Whole Family and decided to make them chocolate chip pancakes.  What I forgot, was why the chocolate chips don't have dairy in them, until I had finished making them, and had sat down to eat them.  The Ghiradelli chocolate chips are dairy free because they have coconut in them instead.  Sigh.  I decided to eat them anyway, and I had the extreme exhaustion reaction afterward.  So it validated my decision to just cut coconut out entirely.

Looking forward to more sunny days like today, and hoping that next weekend is beautiful.  I'd like to get our bikes out soon.  They are saying snow again sometime this week, but I'm going to ignore it until I'm forced to acknowledge reality.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Trader Joe's chocolate chips are dairy-free AND coconut free. They do contain soy lecithin and are processed in a non-milk-free factory, though. Let me know if you want to try some, though, as I tend to buy in bulk.

    Sorry about coconut and egg.