Saturday, December 11, 2010

I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm

This week's song title is appropriate because it's been fricking cold. I hate winter and I hate wearing coats and bundling up, and I hate having to spend what I have to spend to have a nice winter coat that goes with suits. But, I had finally broken down and ordered a winter coat on Tueday or Wednesday.  My old coat was the one I had when I was still at Bianco, and the lining was pretty much gone, and I had beaten the crap out of it, so it desperately needed replacement.  I had even succumbed to beginning to wear mittens, by Tuesday, in hopes that if my hands were warm, I could go without a coat a little longer, I mean, hey, it was only 30 degrees, that's not bad right?  When I ordered the coat, I thought, oh, I'm not paying for expedited shipping either, I can make it to December 16th, that won't be a problem.  So of course, the temperature had to drop. It was 8 degrees yesterday when I got in the Santa Fe to go to work.  If I had just ordered the freaking coat in October, it'd probably be 40 degrees right now.  I need to move some place where it's 70 degrees all year round. It has not yet truly snowed, meaning that snow has not actually accumulated on the ground after falling, but if I never see another snowflake, it'll be perfectly fine with me.  Sorry for the rant, but it's that cranky time of year before I have accepted the fact that experiencing another f-ing winter is inevitable at this point.

In other news, I gave Elaina's scarf to her and made her pose for pictures.  She requested that I obscure her face, so I played on photoshop a bit and made it happen.  I also wrote up the pattern this morning and posted it on Ravelry.  You can get to the pattern by going to and it's a $3.00 pattern. 
I had considered doing it for less, but I did compile a chart for the written pattern instructions I had used, so I thought it was worth that for my work.  In other fiber news, I visited the Elegant Ewe this week, which is always a bad idea for me.  I had received an email from them stating that they had some Cascade 220 sport weight in.  So I had to go look that that.  They had two versions, one that is a two ply and has a more rustic look, and one looked more like worsted weight Cascade, with 4 or 5 plies (I didn't count).  I would have liked to try the one that looked more like the worsted but they didn't have any colors I liked.  The two ply version is pretty, but I'm not sure how the stitch definition will be, but I thought I'd try a skein out.  Guess what color I got.  I also ended up getting the Winter 2010 Spin-Off magazine, the Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders book (which has one of Gina H's patterns in it...yay Gina!!), and Kelly's Cake Tank Pattern, which does not appear to be on the website yet.  It's really cute though, and it goes up to 55" for those of us who are of size.

In writing news this week, I have not done any.  Whatsoever.  I'm not sure what is up with that.  It's either because we don't have a meeting this month due to the holiday or it's my aggravation with the cold.  Plus the office is just ridiculously overrun with stuff that we moved to make the rest of the apartment tolerable for Thanksgiving.  I may be forced into a clean and purge in the office this weekend.  It depends on my actually motivation levels.  In related news, I did finally read Peyton Place.  One of our writing group members, Sally H-D, wrote her Ph.D. thesis on the book, and has a book contract for her thesis, and we've been providing critiques.  I'm sure the critiques will be more helpful now that I've actually read the book. 

That's about it for this week. Tune in next week at this same channel.

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