Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm so Tired (by the Beatles)

Okay, I don't really know what happened, whether it was a bug, or just a cooking and cleaning hangover from Thanksgiving, but I did zippo on Friday and Saturday.  On Friday, I didn't really even knit, even though I said I was going to.  I even slept, during the day, which is not normal for me at all.  I basically wrote a blog post, took a three hour nap, and picked out the lobsters Shawn got, and that was it. Yesterday, the most I did was boil the turkey carcass and strain it and sort out the bones.  I didn't even make the soup.  I'm glad it's still cold enough because the stock pot had to go on the balcony.   I didn't even write.  I just felt like I should be sleeping all day, but I didn't. I did knit a bit yesterday though.  I feel a bit better this morning, I'm tired, but not so tired that my face hurts and I'm not falling asleep in my knitting.

Anyway, just wanted to do a quick update on fiber news.  I finished the front of the sweater a bit ago, but I've had to stop progress on it to work on Elaina's scarf.  So I have a picture of that too.

Also, (drum roll), Shawn bought me a skein of the Beaded Pearl & Sequin Artyarns. It's so pretty. I think I'm going to have to design something for it. I figure the most I can do with it is knit a couple of rows on a neck line of a sweater, so I'm thinking that a sweater using it as a trim would be the thing to do use it for.
That's about it for this quickie post.  I'm headed to Concord guild today, I'll be finishing the turkey soup, and then we may be going to see the new Harry Potter flick. 

Stay tuned to this channel for further updates.

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