Saturday, May 15, 2010

Come Away with Me (to Webs)

Today Linda D and Stephanie S and I all went to Webs for the annual tent sale. I don't know how to describe how crazy it was this year. Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves, but there were more people there than I have ever seen. Poor Stephanie was in line for a hour and half to pay. There were a lot of people from New Hampshire there too. We ran into Gina H, Kerrie Ann C, Judy, Karen, Gigi, Caroline C, Mary R, and Meg. I was relatively restrained, but I did buy some cashmere that was beaucoup bucks and I'm probably going to hell for it.

This is the main area of the store, where they have the normally priced yarns.

The warehouse shown below is where you get the killer deals on closeouts and mill ends.

Here's Linda and Stephanie looking at yarn in the warehouse. This was their first time at Webs which can be really overwhelming until you get used to sensory overload.

This is a picture of the line inside and one of the lines outside with Linda D waiting for Stephanie who's stuck in a huge line inside. There were four lines today. It was absolutely crazy. Next year I think I'm going on a Sunday.

On the left we have Gina H and Kerrie Ann C. On the right we have Mary R, Caroline C and Gigi, rounding out the New Hampshire contingent.
What I bought:

Stay tuned for further updates.

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